Opportunity Markets
Thanks to Country Kitchen’s core heritage markets and our strategic flexibility for development, we are poised for real growth. Significant opportunities exist in numerous geographic areas, encompassing both major and secondary markets.

Country Kitchen’s heritage markets have been the Upper Midwest areas noted below. However, our operating experiences in other areas of the country allow Country Kitchen to consider development opportunities with qualified franchisees in not only these heritage markets, but many other areas of the country including the Northeast, Southeast and Southwest. We offer both single-unit and multi-unit opportunities, with qualified franchisees in these markets. In nearly every market, however, the doors to success are wide open because of the option for non-traditional venues.

If you dream it, and reality backs it up, we’ll support it too!

Site Selection
Many factors contribute to sales and success, and your restaurant location is one of the most important. We strongly recommend securing property that has as many of these traits as possible:
  • Located on a highway or major thoroughfare
  • Has excellent visibility from a main road, or a sign directing from a main road
  • Enjoys a high average daily traffic count on the primary road adjacent to the site (recommended minimum of 20,000 ADT)
  • Is adjacent to or near as many demand-generating sources as possible, including but not limited to malls, workplaces, tourist attractions, hospitals, airports, colleges, hotels, casinos, theaters and the like.
  • A minimum Trade Area of 25,000 to 30,000 population located in conjunction with significant traffic generators and is a part of a neighborhood with a mix of residential and business areas.

Specification Overview 
Within our model for growth, we welcome a wide variety of developments, each of which has different circumstances. For our most popular style of restaurant—the free-standing restaurant that is either new construction or conversion—we provide the following general specifications.

Free-Standing Restaurant* 
Real Estate: minimum one acre 
Building Area: 3,500 to 5,000 square feet 
Parking Lot: 60 to 80 stalls 
Seating: 140 to 165 seats 

*The specifications may vary depending on the specific circumstances of the site you are considering.

We believe that the Country Kitchen franchise program offers a significant number of advantages for existing independent restaurant operations. We have established a specific incentive program for existing independent operating restaurants to convert to a Country Kitchen Restaurant. We would appreciate an opportunity to discuss this program with you in more detail.