We are actively seeking new franchisees to join the Country Kitchen family. We are positioned to grow and we are seeking qualified franchisees in numerous domestic markets. We provide both single-unit and multi-unit development opportunities as well as an independent restaurant conversion program as well as development in non-traditional opportunities such as travel plazas, hotels, etc.

What are the qualifications for a Country Kitchen Restaurant franchisee?
To us, the most important thing to Country Kitchen is to work with our franchisees to enhance the Country Kitchen brand. That starts by meeting our high standards for capitalization and operating experience. Our franchisees recognize the value of their local market to their own success and to the entire franchise system. In the example of a single-unit restaurant, a franchisee must have $1 million in net worth and $350,000 in liquidity to invest. Upon request, we’ll provide financial requirements for scenarios regarding multi-unit franchises and conversion of independent restaurants.

Does the franchisee need to operate the restaurant?
Not necessarily. An operating partner with demonstrated restaurant operating experience may maintain responsibility for operation of the restaurant, but he or she must be approved by us, undergo the necessary training and must have a minimum equity position and decision authority in the business.

What are the fees?
A franchisee’s investment for a Country Kitchen license is $30,000, followed by ongoing royalty fees of 4% and marketing fees of 1% of sales, paid monthly.

Does Country Kitchen offer a finance program?
Country Kitchen does not directly supply financing but we can recommend highly respected lenders who specialize in everything from general funding and equipment leasing to construction and build-to-suit programs. Your personal net worth and the amount of equity you are prepared to invest will affect the availability of funding. We will work diligently to connect you with the resources you need and will help educate lenders about our franchise business.  Adequate capitalization is essential as a foundation to building a successful business.

Country Kitchen is an SBA approved franchise.

How is Country Kitchen better than other franchise opportunities?
Two of the biggest differentiators are lower monthly fees (5% compared to 8% or more) and flexibility in nearly all aspects: site selection, restaurant style, menu, pricing and décor. Very few franchise concepts offer so much freedom for franchisees to direct their own success. You know your guests better than anyone, and Country Kitchen is proud to support ideas that are tailored to your market.

I’m interested in more than one restaurant location. Is that possible?
Yes, as long as you are qualified financially and operationally. A multi-unit franchise agreement includes an exclusive development territory over a prescribed period of time. For Country Kitchen International, multi-unit franchisees provide continuity in our brand and strength to our system. The franchisees, on the other hand, get the opportunity to better control the market and create scale with their developments.

Do you allow different styles of buildings?
Yes. In fact, we are very interested in non-traditional developments (in-line, end cap, conversions) that can expand our reach. Even with the traditional free-standing building, we offer various footprints and multiple seating options.

How do I know whether a site makes a good location?
Generally, a successful site will be located on a highway or major thoroughfare, have excellent visibility from a main road, enjoy high traffic, draw from sources such as workplaces, tourist attractions and hospitals, be surrounded by a mixed residential- business neighborhood and be near other restaurants, but not competing concepts.

Do I need to buy equipment and supplies from an approved vendor?
Yes. Country Kitchen has purchasing contracts with dealers, distributors and manufacturers that will give you the most favorable pricing on our products. These items may be supplemented with local products from other sources, but only with approval from Country Kitchen.

What level of training is provided by you, and expected of us, prior to the restaurant opening?
The new franchisee, along with any operating partners and two assistant managers, attend an intensive training program at our designated training facility in Madison, Wisconsin. It lasts 4 to 10 weeks, depending on your prior restaurant experience. The associated costs, such as travel, lodging, salaries, etc., are the responsibility of the franchisee. For the opening of a new restaurant, Country Kitchen will send a training crew to your site to work with your staff for three weeks—one week before and two weeks after opening.

Does Country Kitchen provide assistance in the development of my restaurant?
Of course! Country Kitchen will assist in the selection of your site and development of your restaurant. You will need to retain the services of a local real estate and engineering professional to identify quality sites and make appropriate modifications to construction plans. Our team of experts offer guidance on everything from equipment procurement and operations to marketing and employee training.

How much ongoing support will I receive?
Our team is always there for you—not just during the development stages and your opening, but all the way into your future. With 75 years in this business, we know that ongoing support is critical to sustained success. That’s where the royalty and marketing fees really deliver. These funds ensure access to our services, provide savings through contract pricing on food and supplies, and market your Country Kitchen to keep the customers coming.

How long is the process to become a Country Kitchen Restaurant franchisee? 

The Country Kitchen application process can typically be completed in 60 to 90 days.  The opening of the Restaurant will be impacted by a number of factors including; the type of location, site acquisition, permitting and construction.  A free-standing location typically requires the longest time period to open, non-traditional, conversions, in-line, end-caps require significantly less time.

What is the term of the license agreement?
Twenty years, with two, five year options subject to certain terms and conditions.

Can I sell my Country Kitchen?
Yes, provided you are in compliance with the terms and conditions of your franchise agreement. In addition, the sale is subject to Country Kitchen’s approval of the transfer as well as payment of a transfer fee.

For Additional Information or Questions please feel free to review our Franchise Brochure (PDF) or contact our Director of Franchise Development, Charles Mocco, at 888-359-3235 ext 185.