When customers join us for a Country Kitchen meal, their experiences surround the food on their plates. But we all know there’s so much more that goes into creating the dining experience. The same is true for every Country Kitchen restaurant; our support behind the scenes provides a strong backbone to support your success.  Our professional and very personable team understands both people and business. Since 1939, Country Kitchen has existed in a wide variety of styles and in a wide variety of markets. We’ve seen and done it all  for over 75 years and we’re poised for growth, so you can trust that we know good business. Among our areas of expertise in supporting our franchisees:

Restaurant Development
We guide you through site selection, construction plans, equipment procurement and the opening of your restaurant. We also specialize in converting independent restaurants to Country Kitchen restaurants.

General Resources
We provide a full team to help you stay on top of national marketing trends, restaurant news, cost controls, research and development, and much more. As we keep our finger on the pulse of the industry, you can concentrate on the success of your restaurant.

We have purchasing contracts with dealers, distributors and manufacturers that will give you the most favorable pricing on equipment and supplies.

Thanks to over 75 years of experience, Country Kitchen has an effective operating system already established and ready to use. It maximizes efficiency and quality while reducing inventory waste. We offer accounting and scheduling tools and provide everything you need to keep in mind on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Training and Personnel Development
The new franchisee, along with any operating partners and two assistant managers, attend an intensive training program at our designated training facility in Madison, Wisconsin. It lasts 4 to 10 weeks, depending on prior restaurant experience. For the opening of a new restaurant, we send a training crew to your site to work with your staff for three weeks—one week before and two weeks after opening. In addition, we offer training for new managers who begin long after the restaurant opens to ensure continuity in the dining experience.

Marketing and Advertising
Our in-house advertising department provides the umbrella market plan and advertising for all Country Kitchen restaurants and helps with specific needs at local franchises as well. We provide your menus, with a local insert option, and promotional items ranging from menu inserts, posters, banners and tabletop advertising to printed needs for hiring your ideal workforce. Think of this service as the perennial planting to grow your sales.