No two Country Kitchen restaurants are exactly alike – and that’s by design. We give franchise owners the freedom to operate in tune with their local customers. After all, no one knows your market like you do.
To help you succeed, our built-in support is the real deal. We take pride in the personal relationships we form with franchisees and the serious teamwork that results. On our proverbial farm, there are no silos – just good, old-fashioned work ethic and fields of opportunity.

We have rows and rows of reasons why Country Kitchen is a great franchise for your future. Here are some of them:

Iconic Brand: Country Kitchen has been part of the American tradition for over 75 years. It is known for premium ingredients that make up breakfast skillets, the best pancakes in town, sensational burgers and home-cooked dinner entrées. Country Kitchen is a brand people trust.

Flexibility: You will take an active role in selecting the site, the style of restaurant (in-line, end cap, conversion or free-standing), flexible décor (to reflect the local area and/or customer interests), the menu (to treat local tastes) and the pricing that will provide the greatest success for their market. This flexibility is designed to maximize your ability to meet your customers needs in your local market.

Low Fee Structure: Country Kitchen's ongoing royalty and marketing fees total 5% of sales. This amount is significantly lower than competitors’ fees, which are typically set at 7% to 8%.

Personal Relationships: Franchisees have direct access to our executive management team and, together, they focus on your success. We know that solid relationships built through one-on-one mentoring and a team approach to problem-solving and progress, are just good business.

Great Meals, Great Market: Country Kitchen offers value-conscious meals across all of the day parts; breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night!. Our customer base is broad, ranging from the Baby Boomers (ages 50-68) to the Gen X’ers (in their 30s and 40s), to the early Millenials (in their mid-20s and early 30s). The appeal of quality and comfort are ageless.

Purchasing Power: Thanks to our alliances with vendors, franchisees gain trusted sources for value while also enjoying significant cost savings.

Range of Development Opportunities: Moving beyond the traditional free-standing restaurant, we see significant growth potential in developments at travel plazas, hotels, colleges, airports, casinos, etc. In addition, independent restaurants are well-suited for conversion to Country Kitchen restaurants. Country Kitchen offers both single and multi-unit franchises to qualified franchisees. These options make it easy to explore your own business expansion.

Strong Corporate Support: Our dedicated proprietary support systems help you every step of the way, from opening your restaurant to growing your business. On a continuing basis, we provide in-house marketing support, operational enhancements and training and market research that will benefit your bottom line. We also monitor the competition and national trends for you as a service that can amplify your success.

Poised for Growth: Our 75-year history yields a lot of wisdom. Over the decades, we’ve adapted to a changing world, going from hamburger stand and later drive-in to a breakfast and coffee shop and then a full-service diner. Today’s "Country inspired" family-style restaurant exists in nearly 20 states and Canada. Though our traditional niche has been smaller Midwest markets, we have also operated in major markets and outside of the Midwest. What’s more, we have the added knowledge and motivation for operating in non-traditional developments. This is our unique recipe for growth, and it will strengthen the entire Country Kitchen family.

We’re ready to get cookin’—are you?